Sex Guaranteed Oral Sex Tips for Women That Will Make His Head


As you know, you can please your man and give him pleasure beyond belief with just oral sex. The reason why men love oral sex so much is that they can have it essentially anytime, anywhere. Sometimes the aches in his body are too much and he just wants to rip his body open. Well, women wise up and have developed quite an art in giving proper oral sex when dad is not around. This is called “Tupperware giving.”

What are you waiting for? This is not your dad’s body! Don’t mess with your parents. Early childhood is such a vulnerable time, you can risk… Well, you can risk anything dad says. So many men have been thrilled to get oral sex at young ages.  A man’s ego is rocked by the woman that gives him the most enjoyable oral sex. Here are a few things to remember.

Men are visual creatures. That’s why they like to look at pictures of women. To them, the woman is not just a piece of flesh, but a piece of art. So you want to do for him what he’s seeing on the computer. Be vibrant, be flirtatious, be adventurous, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Also, there is some psychological value to giving a man oral sex. I’m not sure why, but it seems to make sense to make him feel good about himself. That respect can come from seeing the act performed on you, but it also may be that he is impressed by the fact that you are trusting him to take care of you. Keeping his head alive and satisfied is a remarkable thing. He will pay you back in ways you never knew existed.

What does age have to do with oral sex? Your lips can be more sensitive as they age. Paying attention to their condition will allow you to know what works and what doesn’t turning off the signs that tell you age is starting to hinder your sex life. Paying attention to your partner’s signs of aging not only helps you but also gives you something to look forward to.

So how do you show the aging man you care by giving him a great blowjob? One great way is to make sure his hands are tied, so you can do the work for at least five minutes with nothing to distract you. If you’re looking for something simple you can do, you can use a tie to tie his hands. Most men love getting a lap dance from their woman so use this one to your advantage. He will be very grateful and loving. Wrap a rubber band or similar type of stretch object around his penis and set it so it can’t move during the blowjob. This will enable him to get a deeper and stronger blowjob.

How do you use your mouth and what can you do with it during oral sex? Oral sex can be really fun and exciting when you do it in different positions. Be creative! You can use your mouth differently with your tongue or your lips. Try blowing on him; this has always been a favorite. Be careful not to breathe in his mouth because this has been known to make him gag. You can also put your hands in there and massage or slap his penis softly to prolong the experience. You can also use your muscles to live his orgasm on his penis. My favorite oral sex position is to get on your knees and do it on the ground. This gives you more control and you can get a great view of his penis and testicles.

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