How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally


It is always desirable to know how to last longer in bed naturally, because making your woman come to a screaming orgasm is one of the best feelings there ever was. Having sex feels so good that you can’t prevent yourself from a premature ejaculation – but there are great ways to last longer in bed. Here they are.

First, girls love romance. It is easy to arouse a girl even before you ever touch her – romantic talk and compliments will always to wonders. Make her know that she is the girl you’ve most wanted in your life. Tell her how stunningly beautiful she looks. And tell her how lucky you feel to have her. The truth is, there are far more girls out there who are just waiting to be asked by their man to make love with them. Even if you can’t make a quickie, you can definitely make her feel like she’s been loved.

Next, you need to know that it usually takes girls a bit longer to orgasm than guys. Hence, you want to pacing yourself.  If you feel like you’re about to come, stop thrusting and start fondling her. Distract her by kissing and holding her around the breast – anything to keep her occupied. When you can’t hold yourself anymore, you can enter her and go all the way – it is much better to arouse a girl this way than trying to make her come all by yourself.

Also, it is essential to read a girl’s body response. If you focus on stimulating her clitoris, you will get her excitement levels higher. If you move to stimulating her G spot, you will know that you pleased her.

Use these two tips to last longer in bed naturally:

• Set a good pace – prefer walking to the beat of your own drum rather than just unrelenting pounding. When you set a good pace, you exert effort without causing too much difficulty.

• Let her stimulate you – when she is aware that you are trying to stop yourself, let her know that it is alright to let you have it a little longer. Most girls would love to be spoken to by their man as they enjoy the lovemaking but it can be quite a task when the girl is very self conscious such as when they are fumbling with the pillows in bed – it is better to just plain talk to them instead. But you ought to be careful in making your girl feel bad about fumbling with the pillows – sometimes, this could make them feel like fumbling with you.

• Keep it slow – when you see that she is nearing climax, you can then let your hands and mouth do the rest. As women tend to hold on to the pillows during hard thrusting, you could use this opportunity to penetrate deeper. You can also use this chance to stimulate her clitoris ever so much so that she will reach an explosive orgasm.

A girl’s orgasm will be a great turn-on for you and hence will be able to perform better in bed. To maximize the pleasure of your girl in bed, you will need to know the many ways to perform and this book is a good source of information. But there is one thing that you should be aware of. You should not resort to alcohol or drugs when you are having with your girl. These stuffs will certainly not help you to perform better. Instead, you must be focused on her pleasure during sex. And the best way to do that is to concentrate on the ways to make her orgasm.

To sum up, the book that you should be reading is called “500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets.” It is written by Michael Webb and it is a massive eBook that is a product worth buying. You will be able to Childhood your sex life, knowing some secrets that your partner will never know. This book will be a portal to bring the two you together, and experience the best sex with you. So, when you buy this product, you can expect it to be great. You will be able to accomplish a lot.

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