4 Things He Has to Do to Get My Attention


I know you are dying to know what things he has to do to get my attention. I have a favor to ask that will make it easier for you to win me over.

I am going to tell you that there are TONS of things that men do or think that make it difficult for them to attract the woman of their dreams. I want you to know the TONS of things he has to do to get my attention so you will know what you need to start doing soon to get the woman of your dreams.

1. He Needs to Use His Body

He has to use his body often to try to get physical with you. Think of it like this, the first time you made love, it was sort of the first time sex for you, since you had never done it before, so therefore you were sort of figuring out what you were really feeling.

Since then, it has magically developed and changed due to your involvement and it is easier for him to do. Trust me, the first time he touches you, he will think about how he looks, fidgets or acts. He needs to be in his best self so that you can respond in a way he feels is comfortable and tell you that you like it.

2. He Has to Keep You Intrigued

If he is not a man of mystery, he will not keep you on your toes or get you wondering what is going on with him. He will leave you guessing and the end result of that is you think that you are boring sitting around waiting for him to call so you have to call him so you can filled find out what he is up to and to let him know you are really thinking about him and what he is up to.

3. He Has to Respect Your Boundaries

Women always say “No” and whether they mean it or not is another topic for another day, but to have a man respect your boundaries means that he understands that you say “No” and generally encourage other people to do so too. Well guess what, he better understand your boundaries or you are going to kick him to the curb and find someone who will respect them.

4. He Has to Be Respectful

This one seems like it would be self-explanatory, but if a man loves you he will treat you like a woman. He will open doors for you, get your stuff, pay for things, and pick up the tab for dinner sometimes. He will drive you home, even though you are not one of those women that drive.

If he loves you, he will listen to you, care what you say, and not make fun of you unless you say something stupid. A man who is respectful will do what he thinks it takes, he won’t think it might be easier, and he will try to make your life less painful through his love and actions.

These are WONDERFUL signs that he really loves you and wants to be with you. He will look for new ways to show you that even if he won’t say it, he feels a certain way, and he will try to be as romantic and thoughtful as he can.

He will want you to know that he thinks that you are just perfect for him, and you will know that he is thinking about you. A man who is in love will have thoughtful gestures on his part showing you that he cares. All of these things will lead to him getting down on one knee and asking you to be his woman.

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