Brenda’s Spring Newsletter April 2015

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brenda and rieko in MexicoRieko and I are just finishing up our 13th season in La Manzanilla Mexico. It was a wonderful mixture of sun, yoga and dancing. It’s an amazing community here with many dedicated practitioners of yoga and Qi Kung. We enjoyed some magical classes and even when the numbers soared there was always room for one more mat!! Now that spring is on its way we are heading our way north to Read Island. We invite you to join us for our 23nd year of retreats.

For those of you interested in continuing and deepening your practice with us we are offering 4 summer retreats. on Read Island. This is an opportunity to do some more intense practice and experience the lifestyle of living off the grid on Read Island. As groups are small 4 to 6 participants there is a lot of personalized work and emphasis on building a practice to take home. Our intent is to help build individual practices that will last you the rest of your life giving you stress reduction and energy to face the challenges of today. We are constantly being told how something they they learned at the retreats has created changes to benefit their lives.

Our schedule for the retreats is as follows:
7:00AM: Morning with a cup of tea or coffee
7:30: Pranayama/ breath work
8:00: Chi Kung exercises
8:30: Meditation
9:00: Breakfast
11:00 to 1Pm: yoga
1:30 Lunch Break
4:30: yoga and Chi Kung
6:00: Pranayama and/or meditation
7:00: Dinner
8:30: Acupressure neck releases or reflexology and healing sounds
10:00Pm Bedtime
As you can see its a varied and well structured day of practice. It is designed to increase your concentration and make some break-throughs in body mind and spirit. It is amazing how a concentrated practice can help you overcome restrictions and blockages. Classes are taught with down to earth care and humour. Even beginners can take part and care is taken to be mindful and gentle of restrictions or injury sights. Yoga classes start with beginner and move into intermediate poses when ready.
We provide delicious meals and with our theme of back to the land we offer delicious fresh and homemade food. During the season we eat from the garden and pick berries from our property. Of course as a coastal community we have beautiful fresh seafood like salmon, cod and oysters. Everything is made fresh each meal. All food sensitivities are considered you are requested to let us know ahead of time of special diets. We almost always have our own garden greens like kale, swiss chard and nettles.
Plenty of fresh air and exercise; enjoy our beautiful views from our deck and take advantage of our walking trails and the use of our 3 kayaks. Or settle onto the deck in the sun and enjoy a book or a nap.
We have very comfortable accommodations with shared or single rooms. So far one indoor bathroom with hot water shower or bath there is another bathroom in the works off the yoga room. There is an artsy outhouse to experience interesting country living!
Here are the dates for this summers retreats 2015. We hope some of you can join us and give yourself the gift of a soul nurturing retreat.  All inclusive cost for all these retreats is $750 a bargain by today’s prices as we own our home and can provide fresh local food.


Upcoming  Exclusive Retreats in Spain and Africa 2016

Please look for information on upcoming dates for a 2 week African safari retreat from Nairobi, Kenya in June 2016. Spain a week in May 2016  followed by walking the camino for 10 days. Please let me know if you are interested in these 2 exclusive retreats.

As Hafiz says let us Dance with Precious life today and make the most of our time here on this beautiful planet earth. By nourishing ourselves we help to heal and nourish all beings.


Mexico Yoga Class 2015

Mexico Yoga Class 2015


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